Teen Vogue: Volume 1

Teen Vogue. (vol. 1, 2017). New York: Conde Nast.

Age: 13+

Rating: 4/5

A spinoff from “Vogue” magazine, “Teen Vogue” is a fashion and lifestyle magazine geared towards young adults. It covers similar topics such as fashion, celebrity news, and beauty. The edition chosen to review is “Volume 1”, the first issue published in 2017. It self-describes as “The Love Issue”. Along with the typical themes described above, articles discuss sexual health in the forms of relationships, coming out, safer sex, and consent. The celebrities interviewed for this issue talk about their experiences both in the entertainment industry and in the gay community. There is a small section labeled “Social Studies”, which discusses the Syrian conflict and the inclusion of Muslim refugees into the United States. “Teen Vogue” looks to cover a wide variety of topics and does it well, allowing teens the option of reading about current events as well as entertainment news. The beauty pieces have similar criticisms to other magazines: the clothing and other items listed are high-end and too expensive for an average teenager to purchase, and while “Teen Vogue” includes a diverse group of models, a variety of body types are not expressed.



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