Whistler Public Library Teen Lounge

Library, W. P. (n.d.). Welcome to The Teen Lounge. Retrieved March 23, 2017, from http://www.whistlerlibrary.ca/teens/

Age Range: 13+

Rating: 2/5

Whistler Public Library’s “Teen Lounge” feels outdated. The template is styled like loose leaf paper, with pretty designs along the margins (and “Friday!” scrawled on top). The sidebar is the main navigation for the teen lounge, which appears like scrap paper tacked onto the loose leaf. Each section is a collection of links that may be useful to teens looking to navigate the library. While the intent is good and the links are useful, the content itself is counter-intuitive. The “Events and Programs” page links to events that are either not tagged properly or cross-posted, so it includes events for children aged 6-12 and for infants (and while the infant programming may be to showcase events for teen parents, the parents would more likely be searching in infant/child programming to bring their babies). The lists of links on each page could be overwhelming for an unfamiliar user. The language used is either too basic (“Stuff Teens Want to Know About”) or too full of jargon (NoveList is described as being “a reader’s advisory guide to fiction”).



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