The Selection

Cass, K. & Rubinate, A. (narrator). (2014). The Selection. London: HarperCollinsChildren’s Books.

Age: 13+

Rating: 2/5

America Singer and her family are struggling to make ends meet when she is selected to compete, along with 34 other girls, for the chance to marry the crown prince. In order to do this, she must leave her family and her boyfriend, Aspen Leger, and learn to become a princess fitting the royal family. This is a book that should be recommended for younger audiences looking to jump into teen fiction. The characters and the plot are straightforward, with plenty of foreshadowing so the reader knows exactly what will happen before it happens. There is no conflict between the 35 contestants, and the competition itself is swept under the rug by the love triangle between Aspen, America, and Prince Maxon. There are a lot of plot devices: the Selection, the caste system that separates society, increasing hostilities between countries, and rebels that threaten civil war. Everything but the Selection is briefly mentioned and tossed aside. Hopefully, these arcs are discussed further in the rest of the series. The narration sounded flat and uninterested, which made this audiobook difficult to get through.


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