Ms. Marvel: No Normal

Wilson, G. W., Alphona, A., Herring, I., Caramagna, J., Pichelli, S., Ponsor, J., Mckelvie, J., … Wilson, M. (2014). Ms. Marvel: Vol. 1.

Age Range: 13+

Rating: 5/5

Kamala Khan doesn’t fit in. Her peers question her about everything: her religion, her food, and her family. She just wants to be a “regular” teenager. Blonde, slim, and able to eat a BLT. When she’s suddenly able to shapeshift into that person, Kamala struggles with defining who she is in a world that is hesitant to accept her. Ms. Marvel is a typical Marvel comic book: it’s fun and entertaining, while still presenting relevant issues. Kamala struggles with everyday teen issues (her parents, her peers, her school), with casual Islamaphobia, and with establishing herself as a new superhero. The art is fantastic, with very few of the characters drawn realistically, with obvious quirks and flaws.


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