Don’t Let Me Go

Trumble, J. H. (2011). Don’t Let Me Go. New York: Kensington Publishing Corporation.

Age: 15+

Rating: 4/5

Nate always knew there was something different about him: that difference becomes a sudden reality when Adam enters his life. Eight months after their relationship began, Adam graduates high school and takes an off-broadway job in New York City, causing the first of many strains in their young relationship. While the book’s main focus is the long-distance relationship between Nate and Adam, with flashbacks interspersed to the beginning of their relationship, how the two of them “came out”, and of Nate’s brutal assault by his homophobic peers. This back and forth in the narrative can be difficult to follow but allows the author to discuss Nate’s assault and healing in hindsight, instead of as it happens. The story ends in a highly-charged cliffhanger which is resolved in the last few pages of the epilogue, a chapter titled “ten years later”, which does not fully describe nor justify the struggles of their reconciliation.


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