UnSlut: A Diary and a Memoir

Lindin, E. (2015). UnSlut: a diary and a memoir. San Francisco: Zest Books.

Age: 13+

Rating: 5/5

Emily Lindin was eleven years old when she unwillingly “went to third base” with her boyfriend and was branded a slut by her peers. From grades six to eight, she was bullied incessantly at school, after school, and online. She never talked about her experiences with anybody, but internalized the abuse and let it shape how she viewed herself throughout her teenage years. Now an adult, Emily published the diaries, word for word, with commentary from Emily. This memoir chronicles the struggle with puberty, slut-shaming, and bullying,  and discusses both how prevalent these issues are. The book also contains several resources for teens and adults about bullying and slut-shaming. Lindin also has the UnSlut Project, found online at: http://www.unslutproject.com/


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