Vampire Academy (Series)

Mead, R. (2007). Vampire Academy. New York: Razorbill.
Mead, R. (2008). Frostbite. New York: Razorbill.
Mead, R. (2008). Shadow Kiss. New York: Razorbill.

Age Range: 13-17

Rating: 2/5

Rose and Lissa were trying to fit in as normal teenagers- as normal as they could, at least, since Lissa is a moroi (vampire) and Rose is her guardian. After two years of running, they have been caught and brought back to St. Vladimir’s Academy, a school for moroi and guardians-in-training. There, they struggle with their classes, with relationships…and with the strigoi (bad vampires) waiting to strike. Rose struggles with inner conflict throughout the series: pretending to be a rebel and later, with signs of PTSD. There are some weaknesses in the series: most of the adults are younger than forty and seem to have no idea how to do simple tasks such as run their government. Adults and mentors in the series often take advice from Lissa and Rose, despite being respected and experienced adults. The romance subplots fluctuate between a teacher-student relationship and a love triangle, with no emphasis on why a relationship with an authority figure and mentor is wrong.




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